New for 2019 – The VSP70 from Putzmeister.

No CDL required to drive this machine! New for 2019 after two years in development from the industry leading Putzmeister, the VSP70 is the ideal truck mounted concrete line pump. This revolutionary design gets the hopper down lower than conventional city pumps, a big plus for on-site mixers. Mounted on a robust RAM 5500 chassis with a Cummins Turbo Diesel makes for an efficient Tier4 piece of equipment.

19,500 gvwr

DIMENSIONS Fill height: 46.2″ (1,175mm) Deck height: 44.5″ (1,130mm) Deck length: 11.3′ (3.45m) Height: 80.3′ (2,040mm) Width: 96.5″ (2,450mm) Length: 27.6′ (8.4m)

CAPACITIES Hopper 9.5 ft³ (270L) Hydraulic tank: 45 gal (170L) Water tank: 150 gal (570L)

PERFORMANCE Output Vol: 74 yd³/hr (57m³/hr) Output Press: 1,130 psi (78 bar) Strokes/min: 43

MAJOR PARTS Hydraulic-cylinders: 110 x 63 R mm Delilver-cylinders: 180 x 1000mm S-tube: S1812 Outlet: 5″ HD

CHASSIS Mfr: Ram 5500 Regular Cab 4×4 Engine: 6.7L Cummins Diesel

Power: 325 hp (242kW) Torque: 750 lb-ft (1,061Nm) Trasmission: Automatic 6-speed Fuel tank: 22 gal (83L) WB: 204″ (5,180mm) CA: 120″ (3,050mm) Max GVWR: 19,500 lb (8,845kg) Max GAWR Front: 7,250 lb (3,288kg) Max GAWR Rear: 13,500 lb (6,123kg)

Putzmeister America, Inc., (Putzmeister) has announced a new pickup pump series with the launch of the Vehicle Series Pickup 70 (VSP 70). The VSP 70 will feature a Putzmeister Thom-Katt® TK 70 mounted on a Dodge Ram 5500 chassis with 19,500 lb (8,845kg) GVWR and 11.3 ft (3.45m) side decks with folding side panels and a flat center deck.
The lighter weight of the chassis on the new VSP series does not require contractors to have a CDL license to drive the truck and the shorter design allows for easy maneuverability in congested areas. 
“This new truck-mounted design allows our customers more flexibility,” said Bill Dwyer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Putzmeister. “The ability to operate the truck without a CDL license and the more efficient vehicle configurations are tremendous assets to contractors looking  for a truck-mounted trailer pump. The VSP series gives concrete industry professionals more flexibility in their fleet.”
The VSP 70 is ideal for all applications and can handle a variety of materials, with a maximum volume output of up to 74 yd³/hr (57m³/hr). 
“We’re excited to offer the same output and features of one of our most popular Thom-Katts with the first launch of the VSP,” said Dwyer. “The VSP sets us apart in the concrete industry.”
Future designs to expand the VSP series will include a VSP 50 and a VSP 60HP. The new VSP 70 pickup pump will be on display at World of Concrete 2019 and available for immediate purchase.

– Putzmeister America