The Putzmeister Piccola is built to the Swiss design with a vane air motor (250-600 cfm), flat hopper with bag breaker and screen, and 1-1/2” (38mm) outlet diameter as standard. It is a recommended machine for dry-process shotcrete in Refractory and Civil applications. Versatile and robust, this machine requires little maintenance and is easy to operate.

Built to the Swiss design with a vane air motor (250-600 cfm)

Maximum Volume Output: 1-6 yd³/hr (0.76-4.60m³/hr)

Horizontal Conveying Distance: 1,000’+ (305m+)

Vertical Pumping Distance: 200’+ (61m+)

Dry Process Type

Air Requirement: 250-600 CFM

Optimum Rotor Speed: 10-14RPM

Outlet Diameter: 1 ½ “ (38mm)

DIMENSIONS (w/flat hopper) Length: 51” (1,245mm) Width: 32” (813mm) Height: 48” (1,219mm) Weight (approx): 800 lbs (363kg)


  • Variable speed electric motor, diesel engine, or no power (rig mounted)
  • Rotor options including 12 round-half, 12 round-full, 9 round-full, pie-half, and pie-full
  • Slanted hopper with screen
  • Forklift skid or foam-filled rubber tire mounting
  • Dust suppression system

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