The MP 25 PMM guarantees maximum efficiency for processing premixed dry mortar. It comes with a complete set of accessories, so it’s ready for use as soon as it arrives. The pump is easy to disassemble and difficult to compete with. The reliable MP 25 is a compact, powerful machine for mixing and conveying dry mortars. It is suitable for a wide range of applications like exterior plastering with lime, lime cement, insulating plaster and interior plaster using gypsum and gypsum-lime plaster. Special applications include working with self-leveling compound, ETICS and calcium sulfate screed.

Why buy Puztmiester? Putzmeister is committed to helping you out even in relatively smaller tasks like renovation that may not involve a large scale of operations. Self-leveling compound is ideal for situations and lower quantities when you’re renovating your home or office. For this, we offer smaller machines like the MP15 and MP 25 which are easily operated, versatile and use the self-leveling compound in smaller quantities. Simply put, quality and ingenuity needs to be available at every scale.